What Do You Mean, Digital Fashion Week?

Fashion shows are going digital and life as we know it has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Industry professionals are geared up to get back to production, casting calls, photoshoots, and models gracing the runway; however, the new normal has other plans. To be perfectly honest...we all need a reason to get dressed up and slay on the red carpet or anywhere for that matter. Currently, in my city, fashion show dates have come and gone as patrons are electing to push social distancing, but what does that mean for the industry of fashion? Moreover, how designer collections are promoted?

Model walking runway in NYFW

Some fashion houses have resorted to streaming fashion events to promote their collections and keep the show going during the pandemic. Streaming a fashion show doesn't exactly invite spectators to get dressed and ready to mingle, but the thought of fashion living beyond the grasp of a pandemic can be liberating for those who love the inspiration of clothing design. Recently, Gucci has decided to permanently abandon the traditional fashion calendar and revamp how to move forward about Covid-19.

"Major brands have conventionally followed a hectic schedule of separate men's and women's runway events at Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Many also stage additional one-off "cruise" and pre-fall shows. The coronavirus pandemic has intensified existing concerns about the environmental and economic sustainability of the jet-setting schedule -- and the cycles of consumption it encourages" (Oscar Holland, 2020).

In essence, this is an opportunity to take control and reshape your brand, and figure out what consistency and sustainability will look like going forward. Many fashion organizations are restructuring to deal with new ways of marketing and potential losses or other disruptions presented by a post-pandemic economy. Look at it this way, an opportunity presents itself for those who are ready to take advantage of it. For instance, BluAffair created a mobile app that hosts fashion events and has been on the wave of changing the way people experience fashion events, long before Covid-19. Much like a digital playbill for a fashion show... The application allows users to explore and engage a fashion event virtually, and

Image illustrating traditional fashion show

provides unique access to the 4 main attractions in a fashion event including Designers, Models, Hairstylists, and Makeup artists. BluAffair is ready to host your next fashion event and stream your show on their platform, then recap by connecting with your users through the app. BluAffair is offering membership signup plans to up and coming professionals who want to take advantage of member-only discounts on fashion production services. Remember, with the BluAffair platform, your audience is virtual, therefore, accomplishing social distancing guidelines. The best houses, designers, and promoters are still able to produce a fashion show and connect with their target markets in continuing the creative process.

The use of the app provides access to fashion events from virtually anywhere, as users get to experience the show like never before, viewing featured garments and making an inquiry or purchase of designs from one platform. Other interactive features within this app could provide exposure to all participating professionals. Visit for more information about our production services.

The current and following year will be volatile as the fashion industry tries to figure out how to stream-line cutbacks, revise business models, and interact with their customers during the Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter seasons. The industry is looking for appropriate ways to modify their traditional approaches to "fashion week" as more collections are revealed digitally. Again...there is an opportunity for fashion houses to focus on other elements of the business. For instance, their target customer, branding, customizing small virtual events, and cater to cost-effectiveness. It will be interesting to embark upon the identity of a veiled NYFW 2021. And most importantly, how will consumers respond?