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2020 Featured Designers

YMYM Brand

YMYM Collection

Parouse through the designer collection gallery of those talents featured on the BluAffair platform. By encouraging cultural diversity, BluAffair represents the "art of unique and self-expression". In the name of the creative community, please contact and support our designers, visit their sites, or inquire about their collections as we look to create networking and exposure opportunities for all fashion professionals.

Modest wear designer boutique brand dedicated to creating beautiful looks combining luxury fabrics with urban, modern and classic designs. Our signature look and statement pieces always include the
decadent fabric of Brocade with unique pairings from the past.

YMYM strives to always provide innovated and stunning designs not met in the current market
and revamp the way fashion is seen today.

Being a modest brand, close attention is paid that all needs are met in being
as modest as possible by delivering the most alluring and visually appealing designs
​in the ready to wear market

Company: YMYM Brand

Designer: Tiffany Aye

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