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O U R   C O M M I T M E N T

    BluAffair was founded in 2016. Our team has backgrounds that include freelance clothing design, modeling, film, and photography, and more. We know what it means to be dedicated and brave in the fashion industry. Providing avenues of support for those who lack the resources required by the industry is our top priority. The best way to describe our company is "Community Fashion meets Technology"! 


     The art of clothing design, the beauty of modeling, and every aspect that goes into creating the perfect fashion experience intrigue us to make every event memorable. Bluaffair is all about building community and networking. We are constantly developing better ways to cross-collaborate and bring more notoriety to the individuals and groups who keep the art of expression alive. 

  We are committed to a more robust fashion industry that caters to the professionals who participate in making the arts fabulous! You can trust that we’re here to provide all of the tools needed to keep fashion professionals plugged in and make all opportunities more enjoyable and effective in reference to goal orientation. Get started with us today and see the impact of our movement!

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